Residential Occupancy  Program

ROP Staff

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ROP Objectives

The Residential Occupancy Program is responsible for all phases of occupancy from the time the applicant becomes a tenant to the time of vacancy. 


  • The ROP staff is here to insure the tenants comply with their lease obligations for the Low Rental and Old/New Mutual Programs. 

  • The Department works closely with individual and/or agency inquiries providing information regarding the program functions and policies.

  • The department also recieves requests, complaints, referrals, etc. and takes to appropriate action as needed in accordance with the ANHA policies., local and federal regulations.

The Crow Tribal Housing Authority manages 235 units located in the boundaries of the Crow Reservation. 

Participants' rent is based on 15% of the households adjusted monthly income.

Participants' are required to certify their household on an annual basis.

Recipients must meet guidelines defined by NAHASDA. 


Applicants must be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe. Preference is given to members of the Crow Tribe.